Agronomist Stephen Canner examines switchgrass planting

Agronomist Stephen Canner examines switchgrass planting
stand of switchgrass in Madrid,NY

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Energy Efficiency an "Essential Component" of Economic Development Says New Study

Consultants Oppenheim and MacGregor are doing and Energy Efficiency analysis of the seven counties of the North Country Regional Economic Development Council  on behalf of the Energy Task Force, part the North Country Symposium.  The Task Force  believes that such a study would be an important contribution to the Region’s emerging clean energy economy.   Funding for the study was made possible by a grant from the Wyomissing Foundation of Pennsylvania.

The study, entitled “Energy Efficiency and Economic Development in the North Country, New York” breaks new ground for the Region by clearly showing the economic development benefits of energy efficiency.  According to the abstract, “energy efficiency’s economic development value includes a high volume of jobs with mid-level skills paying reasonable wages. Input-output analysis also reflects the degree to which an industry’s dollars are recycled within the region, rather than exported, further increasing local benefits.  EE (Energy Efficiency) is characterized by relatively large local investment, especially in labor…”  The abstract also notes that “As part of a process of developing an economic development strategy, we show that increased investment in energy efficiency (EE) would be an essential component”…

The full study, with data and accompanying narrative, will be available later this spring.